Spotlighting Young Entrepreneurs – Sawyer Howitt

Born in the year 2000, Sawyer Howitt is certainly the youngest Project Manager at Meriwether Group, a business serving the needs of entrepreneurs everywhere. What makes Mr. Howitt such a success at his tender age? What advice does he have for other Millennials looking for the same business opportunities? Prepare to be impressed as we answer those very questions.

Every good business person needs a mentor. Growing up in Portland, Oregon, Howitt had the best mentor with him every step of the way, literally. Sawyer’s father, David Howitt, was featured in the Portland Business Journal in 2017 as a top business leader.

Sawyer Howitt gives good advice on where to start a business. He recently published a blog listing the top eight cities in America to launch a startup business. Howitt considers several factors such as networking potential, economical statistics, financing opportunities, and technological advancements, in order to narrow down the best cities for a successful start.

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Howitt believes that young people posses an upper hand when it comes to entrepreneurship: boundless energy. Youthful energy is a huge benefit to the time required to start a business and ensure its success. Howitt’s advice is to hone that energy and just get started! He says that if you wait around until you think you are ready, or until you think you know enough, you might never get started! It’s best to just keep learning as you go along.

Keeping focused is another key strategy for starting a successful business, Sawyer Howitt says. While tons of new and interesting ideas are great, don’t let them distract you from the current goal. Stay completely devoted to the task at hand, and don’t forget to write down all those great ideas to ponder at a later time.

Finally, Howitt advises entrepreneurs to fine tune their people skills. In order to truly be your business’ best representative, you must be able to engage others and socially connect with them.

Incredible advice and insight from such a young success story. We will all be watching to see what new endeavors Sawyer Howitt excells at in the future!

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