Sahm Adrangi And The Success He Made From His Kerrisdale Capital Management

The world is full of successful and outstandingly wealthy people, and most of these people’s success comes from the stock market and being part of a fund management firm. One of these people is Sahm Adrangi, who is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management. In this article, we will explore some of the things that have to do with Sahm’s business success. We will discuss the things that make Sahm Adrangi successful and identify the reasons that may have led to his success.

The Kerrisdale Success

Most of Sahm’s success would have to do with his involvement in various aspects of the Kerrisdale Capital Management since it was founded in 2009. When Adrangi launched his company, he was only given about under $1 million in the capital, and from that limited money, he was able to grow the company to increasing assets of around $150 million. Sure, there are so many reasons to accommodate on why Sahm was successful because it could not have been just from his skills. However, it is still accurate to say that he’s one lucky man in being able to run such business.

Another exciting part of the growth of Sahm Adrangi’s career has to do with his publishing research and the trading decisions he has been making, including the ones involving short selling. He also made a lot of money from the under-followed longs, stocks and overhyped shorts, which are not yet taken advantage of by most people. Sahm Adrangi is also successful in his studies and research that helps people learn how to invest with the help of his investing-related sites and his famous investment Twitter account. With the help of the third-party investing apps that he developed, more people can understand the same strategies that made Kerrisdale Capital also successful.

Another relevant information that you need to know about Adrangi is that he was the prominent man who exposed the fraudulent deeds of Chinese companies, which include China-Biotics and China Marine Food Group. With the exposure that Adrangi made for ChinaCast Education Corp and China Education Alliance, Adrangi built a reputation for helping the Securities and Exchange Commission build a more forceful way to deal with tax evaders.

Madison Street Capital Claims the M&A Advisor Awards for the Year

The prestigious recognition in the mergers and acquisition industry, M&A Advisor Awards, has been announced, and the renowned investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital grabbed it for the year 2017. The 16th annual award program took place on November 13, 2017, and the event was conducted at the famous Metropolitan Club in New York City. Interestingly, Madison got the award considering its assistance in executing the transaction for the automobile servicing firm, WLR Automotive, and the award was under the category of Debt Financing Deal for 2017. David Fergusson, the President of the M&A Advisor, confirmed that the institution recognizes the best, companies, transactions, and dealmakers in the mergers and acquisition industry since 2002.



He added that Madison was winning the awards by beating over 650 companies who participated in the program. The institution is proud to recognize the investment banking firm and present the highest honor for mergers and acquisition professionals and firms. Fergusson also said that Madison Street Capital showcased the best of the mergers and acquisition sector in 2017 and grabbed the great recognition by standing out from a list of highly impressive candidates. Charles Botchway, President of Madison Street, replied that the entire team at the firm is honored by the M&A Advisor Awards, especially in the category of debt financing.



He continued that he wanted to congratulate both Barry Petersen and his team along with WLR Automotive for making this transaction possible. Barry Petersen was the lead of the transaction at WLR Automotive, which helped the firm to grab the Awards. Madison Street Capital was also chosen as finalists for the Awards in two categories: Financial Deal under 250MM and Boutique Investment Banker. The gala also saw M&A Advisor Summit for the year that saw the involvement of nearly 500 professionals from mergers and acquisition industry participating various interactive forums.



The interactive forums were led by some 35 academic, mergers and acquisition, industry, and media stalwarts. The program also recognized some individuals by Leadership Award 2017 and Tom Farrell Memorial Award. Madison Street Capital has expertise in serving diverse industries and known for providing precise recommendations and accurate analysis. The investment banking firm was established in the year 2005 by focusing on the middle market segment. It is known for providing a wide variety of services ranging from financial opinions, corporate advisory, financial reporting, business valuation, and more for the middle-market companies.



Interestingly, Madison is established as a prominent player in the industry by offering the best M&A solutions based on the needs of the clients. The commitment to provide the best solutions helped the firm to expand beyond North America. Today, it also has offices Asia and Africa and provides additional services such as corporate governance. The hedge fund M&A transactions outlook provided by the firm every year is considered one of the most trusted forecasts of the industry.


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