Richard Blair Providing Sound Investment and Wealth Solutions to Clients in Austin, TX

About Richard Blair –

Shortly after graduating from the University of Houston, Richard Blair created Wealth Solutions, Inc. WSI is designated as an investment advisory firm located in Austin, TX. The primary objective of the corporation is to help clients ranging from the affluent to large and small businesses to make sound investments. Richard’s flair for financial matters and his love for teaching others were key factors in determining his life’s endeavor. Many people are good at math. However, to be a good teacher or to have the instincts and confidence to trust those instincts when making investments are abilities that can’t really be learned. They are gifts. While growing up, Blair observed how wisdom and enlightenment change a person for the better. Wise and enlightened people become more self-assured and self-reliant, and few things are more satisfying for Blair than to play a part in the process of helping people achieve this state.


What can Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions provide clients –

What is the value of services for customers of Wealth Solutions? Simply, the firm provides its clients with sound investment advice that allows a family or business to increase its funds, and strengthen long-term security for a prosperous future. It does this by taking into consideration a client’s financial assets and potential for growth. The end goal is to increase financial resources.


How Wealth Solutions accomplish its mission –

In order for clients to successfully invest, Wealth Solutions offers 24-hour access to investment options. The company employs the most updated technology and professional advisors to personalize its financial advice. They consider a client’s current financial worth as well as retirement needs. In this way, each plan reflects the individual client’s wishes and requirements.


Types of Planning –

Financial planning is a key point of Wealth Solutions. It includes evaluating the client’s assets and creating a diversified portfolio that maximizes the return on investments. The plan calculates the level of risk a client should take, and works to minimize loss.


Another service in which Wealth Solutions specializes is retirement planning. Richard Blair uses his expertise to connect clients with their abilities to invest in 401(k) plans, IRAs, annuities and mutual funds. Poor decisions concerning retirement carry heavy consequences. Wealth Solutions offers its patrons the reassurance that they provide sound, financial advice, no matter what stage one is in when planning for retirement.


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Securus Technologies- The Life-Changing Technology in the Inmates’ World.

Securus Technologies is a leading high tech company, based in Texas. The role that many users have appreciated is the role the company plays in improving the lives of the detainees. Securus Technologies provides communication gadgets to the inmates, to keep in touch with their loved ones. The company has also innovated beneficial programs to add to the convenience of the relatives when visiting the inmates.

Securus Technologies has provided a program that allows friends and relatives to schedule detention visits in advance. Many customers say that this has helped in saving time. You no longer have to queue for hours before seeing the inmate.

Relatives who have to take more than two jobs, may not have time to visit the inmates. The convicts may feel neglected, and this may lead to anger and depression. This is, however, not a worry anymore, Securus Technologies has come up with a program that allows relatives to communicate with convicts from the comfort of their homes. Users say that this technology has made it easy to maintain the bond with the inmates. The program has also enhanced communication between the relatives and inmates who are detained in prisons that are far from their homes.

Securus Technologies is playing a huge role in ensuring that the inmates and their families keep in touch. Customers say that this has facilitated the reforming process of the inmates. The detainees are determined to become better persons and unite with the people who show them compassion when they are in jail.