Jeremy Goldstein`s Achievements

A significant number of companies no longer offer their employees with stock options due to various reasons. Some of the firms perceive the stock options to be a disadvantage to the growth of the businesses, particularly during economic downturns. At such times, the stock options may render the companies bankrupt, or instead, lead them to incur losses that they would have avoided. Besides, the stock value may also decrease at a high rate, hence making it hard for employees to enjoy them. The stock options may also be advantageous to employees due to the ability they have towards increase their total monthly income as well as add up to their insurance coverage. Firms may, however, adopt the knockout option to keep track of their employee’s stock options. The knock out strategy ensures that the company does not incur any loses regardless of the economic situation due to its ability to regulate the stock options at such times.

Firms may also consider seeking the counsel of experienced attorneys at times when they lack knowledge of employee rights and benefits. Jeremy Goldstein is among the highly qualified attorneys that firms can rely on for information concerning such issues. Goldstein has over the past years provided counsel to clients in corporate governance and executive compensation matters. He has helped many management teams, as well as individual executives, handle sensitive situations such as those that involve the transformative corporate events among others.

Besides, Goldstein has also taken part in a vast number of corporate transactions in many prestigious firms like the United Technologies, through which he helped in the acquisition of other companies with a close consideration of the legal requirements of the entire process. The renowned attorney has worked with some firms through which he provided counsel and shared his ideas with other attorneys for the better development of the law firms.


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